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The Key Objectives of Burleson County Economic Development Corporation:


· To recruit new businesses, both international and domestic, in order to create jobs and increase the tax base.

· To retain and expand existing business by assisting them to increase profitability through exports, strategic alliances, new project development and workforce development improvements.

BCEDC accomplishes these objectives by:


· Working on job creation in Burleson County with a comprehensive plan in place.

· Initiating contact with companies within targeted industries.

· Responding to industrial and manufacturing inquiries about the Burleson County market.

· Marketing Burleson County to prospective companies via brochures, statistical data, and project specific proposals.

· Maintaining a statistical database on Burleson County and the area to meet the needs of prospective companies.

· Working with high schools, colleges, and Texas Workforce in the Burleson County area to have in place a variety of job-training programs. Customized job-training programs can also be activated if a prospective company requests such a service.


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301 N Main, Caldwell TX 77836

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